Autumn 2008: Volume 62, Number 1


Grindhouse: An Experiment in the Death of Cinema
Caetlin Benson-Allott

Paranoid Park: The Home Front
Megan Ratner

Redacted’s Double Vision
Ken Provencher

Film Culture in Chennai
Lalitha Gopalan

The Rhythms of Life: An Appreciation of Michelangelo Antonioni, Extreme Aesthete of the Real
James S. Williams

Da Capo
Ernest Callenbach

Confrontations: Biútiful Cauntri and Traces of the Trade
William Johnson

Negotiating the Pleasure Principle: The Recent Work of Adam Curtis
Jonathan Rosenbaum


Editor’s Notebook: On Looking Back
Rob White

Marx and Coca-Cola: Work and the City
Joshua Clover

Talking Point: Inanimate Fact and Iraq War Filmmaking
Richard Beck

Talking Point: The Rise and Fall of Film Criticism
Geoffrey Nowell-Smith

Second Time Around: Rocco and His Brothers
D. A. Miller

Nonfictions: Ghost Law
Mark Sinker

Two-Point-Zero: Grey Areas
Ben Walters

Camera Ludica: Moving Violations
Irene Chien

Reprogramming: Spatter Pattern
J. M. Tyree

Browsed: Redressing Invisibility
Beth Maudlin


Cover photo: Alain Delon and Monica Vitti in L’eclisse (Michelangelo Antonioni, 1962). Courtesy The Criterion Collection.