Spring 2009: Volume 62, Number 3


Editor’s Notebook: Send in the Cyborgs
Rob White

Marx and Coca-Cola: Based on Actual Events
Joshua Clover

New York Notebook: On Broadmindedness
William Johnson

Talking Point: Rip It Up: Revitalizing Film Criticism
Nick James

Talking Point: Sexism in the French New Wave
Jonathan Rosenbaum

Reconsideration: La Ronde
Geoffrey Nowell-Smith

Second Time Around: La Ronde
D. A. Miller

Two-Point-Zero: Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog
Ben Walters

Art House: Found Sound, Cinema without Cinema
Danny Birchall

Art House: Avant-Garde Shows, Massachusetts 2008
John Minkowsky

Intertitles: Reconsidering John Frankenheimer
Paul Thomas


American Heroes
J. M. Tyree

What’s New in The New World
Edward Buscombe

The Politics of Style in Jancsó’s The Red and the White and The Lord’s Lantern in Budapest
Laszlo Strausz

Yasmin Ahmad’s “Orked” Trilogy
Gerald Sim

From Underground to Multiplex: An Interview with Todd Haynes
Scott MacDonald


Cover photo: Todd Haynes on the set of Far from Heaven (Focus Features/Vulcan Productions, 2002). Courtesy Todd Haynes/Killer Films.