Summer 2009: Volume 62, Number 4


Editor’s Notebook: Heaven Knows We’re Digital Now
Rob White

Marx and Coca-Cola: Cinema for a New Grand Game
Joshua Clover

New York Notebook: Revisiting the Past
William Johnson

Talking Point: Howls for Guy Debord
Zack Winestine

Reconsideration: The Earrings of Madame de . . .
Laura Mulvey

Berlin Notebook: New Paths for German Cinema
Brigitta B. Wagner

Ecosystem: La malavita: Gomorrah and Naples
Michael Colvino

Bedsit Cinema: The Gomorrah Doctrine
Megan Ratner

Encounter: Interview with Jia Zhang-ke
Dudley Andrew

Intertitles: From the Other Shore
Paul Thomas


Films of the Year, 2008
James Naremore

Against the Clock: The Curious Case of Benjamin Button and Slumdog Millionaire
J. M. Tyree

Standard Operating Procedure: Mediating Torture
Caetlin Benson-Allott

Digital Fatigue: Imaging War in Recent American Cinema
Garrett Stewart

“Un film vampirisé”: Dreyer’s Vampyr
Peter Swaab

Film Culture in Madrid
Paul Julian Smith


Cover photo: Jia Zhang-ke and Zhao Tao during the filming of 24 City. Courtesy The Cinema Guild.