Autumn 2009: Volume 63, Number 1


Editor’s Notebook: Against Nature
Rob White

Marx and Coca-Cola: The Future in Labor
Joshua Clover

New York Notebook: Surviving
Danny Birchall

Talking Point: The Avant-Garde Archive Online
Danny Birchall

Reconsideration: Le Plaisir: “The Mask” and “The Model”
V. F. Perkins

Cannes Notebook: A Very Good Year
Colin MacCabe

San Francisco Notebook: Work Aesthetic
Lalitha Gopalan

Intertitles: Listing to Starboard
Paul Thomas


Rohmer’s Salon
Leo Bersani and Ulysse Dutoit

A Handful of World: The Films of Peter Thompson–An Introduction and Interview
Jonathan Rosenbaum

Imamura Revisited
Donald Richie

Bulldozers, Bibles, and Very Sharp Knives: The Chinese Independent Documentary Scene
Abé Mark Nornes

L.A.’s Hipster Cinema
David E. James


Cover photo: Eric Rohmer. Courtesy Rezo Films, Paris.