Spring 2010: Volume 63, Number 3


Editor’s Notebook: Only Connect
Rob White

Marx and Coca-Cola: The Struggle for Space
Joshua Clover

New York Notebook: Backstage in the Wings
William Johnson

Talking Point: Brown vs. Brawne: Bright Star
Paul Thomas

Talking Point: The Lonely Road
Mark Fisher

Pordenone Notebook: What’s New?
Linda Williams

Avant-garde: Things Said Again
Danny Birchall

Nonfictions: Screen Memory in Waltz with Bashir
Garrett Stewart

Reprogramming: Costing Planet Earth
Richard Beck

Intertitles: Lovely Day for a Necktie Party
Paul Thomas


Festival Special: Morelia, Mexico
Paul Julian Smith

Once Grazing, Now Gone: Sweetgrass
Megan Ratner

Restoring Broken Embraces
Marsha Kinder

Indonesia in Motion: An Interview with Leonard Retel Helmrich
Scott MacDonald

Blood and Sugar: The Films of Dusan Makavejev
Nina Power


Cover photo: Dušan Makavejev’s Sweet Movie. Courtesy of The Criterion Collection.