Summer 2010: Volume 63, Number 4


Editor’s Notebook: Three Types of Nothing
Rob White

Marx and Coca-Cola: Remarks on Method
Joshua Clover

New York Notebook: Pathways and Detours
William Johnson

Screenings: Students of Genre
Paul Julian Smith

Talking Point: The Trouble with Perfume
Ben Walters

Austin Notebook: South by Southwest, 2010
Jonathan Rosenbaum

Berlin Notebook: Anniversary Blues
Edward Lawrenson

Berlin Notebook: Vorschneider in Focus
Brigitta B. Wagner

Reconsideration: Vertov’s World
Nina Power

Reconsideration: Un-Dimensional Man: Dillinger is Dead
Evan Calder Williams

Intertitles: Her Fine Soft Flesh
Paul Thomas


Films of the Year, 2009
James Naremore

No Fun: Debunking the 1960s in Mad Men and A Serious Man
J. M. Tyree

Pre-War Trauma: Haneke’s The White Ribbon
Garrett Stewart

Aberrations of Beauty: Violence and Cinematic Resistance in Haneke’s The White Ribbon
James S. Williams


Cover photo: Police, Adjective (Corneliu Porumboiu, 2009). Courtesy of IFC Films. Photo: Marius Panduru.