Winter 2011: Volume 65, Number 2


Editor’s Notebook: Interview with Göran Huge Olsson
Rob White

Marx and Coca-Cola: Fall and Rise
Joshua Clover

Screenings: Misfits
Paul Julian Smith

Platforming: Out of Sight
Caetlin Benson-Allott

Second Time Around: Chabarthes
D.A. Miller

Reconsideration: Lola Montès: A “Film Maudit”?
Geoffrey Nowell-Smith

Reconsideration: Phantom of the Circus
Laura Mulvey

Reconsideration: Scarlet, No Empress
V.F. Perkins

Paris Notebook: Black Pearls
Evan Calder Williams

London Notebook: Fiendish
Rob White

Histories: Code Violations
Edward Buscombe


Hope and Fear in The Interrupters
J.M. Tyree

The Smiley Factor
Mark Fisher

Heaven Down Here: Interview with Alice Rohrwacher
Megan Ratner

Disconnection Notices: Interview with Miranda July
Anna Backman Rogers

Perception as Transcendence: Interview with Pawel Wojtasik
Scott MacDonald

Counter-Media, Migration, Poetry: Interview with John Akomfrah
Nina Power

Nuri Bilge Ceylan: An Introduction and Interview
Rob White


A Grammar of Murder: Violent Scenes and Film Form by Karla Oeler; Death in Classical Hollywood Cinema by Boaz Hagin
David Sterritt

It Happened One Night by Linda Mizejewski
Martha P. Nochimson

Hollywood Lighting from the Silent Era to Film Noir by Patrick Keating
Karla Oeler

Analysing the Screenplay ed. Jill Nelmes; The Cinema of Preston Sturges: A Critical Study by Alessandro Pirolini
Jeff Jaeckle

The Filming of Modern Life: European Avant-Garde Film of the 1920s by Malcolm Turvey
Leo Charney


Cover photo: Once Upon a Time in Anatolia (Nuri Bilge Ceylan, 2011). Courtesy of Cinema Guild.