Spring 2012: Volume 65, Number 3


Editor’s Notebook: Institutionalized
Rob White

Marx and Coca-Cola: Playing by Numbers
Joshua Clover

Screenings: Crisis at an Angle
Paul Julian Smith

Platforming: Generic Imperative
Caetlin Benson-Allott

Thrills: Archive Fighter
J. M. Tyree

Sundance Notebook: Frontlines
B. Ruby Rich

Reconsideration: Work and Play in eXistenZ
Mark Fisher

Reconsideration: A Matter of Life and Death: A.I.
Jonathan Rosenbaum

Intertitles: Charles-Louis D’Ince?
Paul Thomas


Dangerous Methodology: Interview with David Cronenberg
Megan Ratner

A Dangerous Method: Sight Unseen
Adam Lowenstein

Two Sleeping Beauties
Genevieve Yue

Cave of Forgotten Dreams: Meditations on 3D
Barbara Klinger

Carnage and All: A Discussion
Noah Isenberg and Rob White

Timing and Vulnerability in Three Hitchcock Films
Marta Figlerowicz

Reopening the Matarazzo Case
Erik Bachman and Evan Calder Williams


A Companion to Michael Haneke ed. Roy Grundmann
David Sterritt

The Hollywood Sign by Leo Braudy
Edward Buscombe

The Foreign Film Renaissance on American Screens 1946–73 by Tino Balio
Barbara Selznick

Global Art Cinema: New Theories and Histories ed. Rosalind Galt and Karl Schoonover
Kerin Cryderman

Béla Tarr, le temps d’après by Jacques Rancière; Les écarts du cinéma by Jacques Rancière
Alberto Tuscano


Cover photo: Michael Fassbender as Carl Jung in A Dangerous Method (David Cronenberg, 2011). Photo by Liam Daniel. Courtesy of Sony Pictures Classics.