Notes on Arrival

by B. Ruby Rich

from Film Quarterly Fall 2013, Vol. 67, No. 1

I take this opportunity to offer thanks to departing guest editor David Sterritt for his many contributions to Volume 66 and his generous words on my behalf. David stepped into the breach and ensured the continuity of Film Quarterly over the course of 2013; I am pleased that he will continue as Chief Book Critic. We shared responsibility for this issue, the first of volume 67. From now on, the responsibility will be mine alone. Actually, not quite: I am happy to announce that Regina Longo has come on board as Associate Editor and has already done considerable work on this issue and those to come. An expanded editorial board is in place, with newcomers sharing space with continuing editors for a successful transition. I am honored to be entrusted with the stewardship of this estimable journal and I have taken on the task with a full sense of its gravity. I am convinced that great days, pages, and screens lie ahead – for us, our fields, and film (sic) itself. In the next issue of Film Quarterly, I’ll be sharing my vision for what a journal that was founded and has evolved alongside cinema studies might concern itself with today, a time of immense and ever-accelerated changes in category definition, production and distribution technologies, and viewing experiences. As the journal evolves, I look forward to hearing from you, the readers, about your ideas, concerns, and visions.