Summer 2014: Volume 67, Number 4

From the Editor
Thinking about Triggers, Thumbs, Sex, and Death
B. Ruby Rich

Cinema’s Sex Acts
Linda Williams

Wave After Wave After Wave: The Multi-Channel Immersion Of Isaac Julien’s Ten Thousand Waves
Joseph Livesey

Male Beauty And The Erotics Of Intimacy: The Talismanic Cinema Of Mahamat-Saleh Haroun
James S. Williams

Under The Skin: The Perils Of Becoming Female
Ara Osterweil

The Vulnerable Spectator: Acting Marvelously
Amelie Hastie

Screenings: Guadalajara International Film Festival
Paul Julian Smith

Festival Reports
History, Fantasy, And A Dog’s Life: Cannes 2014
Joan Dupont

Vienna Is No More?: Film History, Psycho-Geography, And The Great City Of Dreams
Noah Isenberg

Truth In Washington | Afi Docs 2014 Festival Report
J. M. Tyree

Page Views
Manifestos: A Forgotten History
Bill Nichols

Book Reviews
David Sterritt
Must We Kill the Thing We Love? Emersonian Perfectionism and the Films of Alfred
by William Rothman

Vika Paranyuk
Sound, Speech, Music in Soviet and Post-Soviet Cinema edited by Lilya Kaganovsky and Masha Salazkina

Jan-Christopher Horak
Lady in the Dark: Iris Barry and the Art of Film by Robert Sitton

Greg Gerke
Eric Rohmer: Interviews edited by Fiona Handyside

Lisa Dombrowski
The $11 Billion Year: From Sundance to the Oscars, an Inside Look at the Changing Hollywood System by Anne Thompson

Ed Sikov
Watching Them Be: Star Presence on the Screen from Garbo to Balthazar by James Harvey


  1. G B C MENON says

    I discovered the masters of the new wave through your esteemed journal in the sixties and the seventies. Those issues of film quarterly opened up the whole new world of the other cinema for me.Cinema has changed a lot in the technical aspects primarily,yet the magic of the medium still lingers.Thanks,FILM QUARTERLY.

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