Summer 2016: Volume 69, Number 4

From the Editor
A Vocation In Film
B. Ruby Rich

Jewish, Queer-ish, Trans, and Completely Revolutionary: Jill Soloway’s Transparent and the New Television
Amy Villarejo

Ex Machina In The Garden
Brian Jacobson

Exploitation, Victimhood, and Gendered Performance In Rituparno Ghosh’s Bariwali
Rohit K. Dasgupta And Tanmayee Banerjee

Cosmologies Of Black Cultural Production: A Conversation with Afrosurrealist Filmmaker Christopher Harris
Terri Francis

Google Hangout With Annie Baker, Playwright 1/25/16, 2:33 pm
Genevieve Yue

Looking Out For Something Better To Come: Interview with Director Hanna Polak
Masha Shpolberg

The Vulnerable Spectator: Ryan Coogler’s Creed: Showing The Love
Amelie Hastie

Screenings: Letter From Mexico: The Queer Mainstream
Paul Julian Smith

Festival Reports
IDFA: A Festival Of Attractions
Bill Nichols

Chinese Documentaries At IDFA 2015
Patricia Aufderheide

Sundance 2016: Uplifting, Tragic, Always Disruptive
B. Ruby Rich

Remembrance Of Things To Come: The 37th Havana Festival Of New Latin American Film
Gerd Gemünden and Silvia Spitta

Cinematic Convergences, Collective Intelligence: The 45th International Film Festival Rotterdam
Clarence Tsui

Skirts and Pants and Everything In Between: Laura Horak on Girls Will Be Boys: Cross-Dressed Women, Lesbians, and American Cinema, 1908–1934
Regina Longo

Book Reviews
Dana Polan
The Rhapsodes: How 1940s Critics Changed American Film Culture by David Bordwell

Scott MacDonald
The Cinema of Poetry by P. Adams Sitney

Brian Hu
Making Asian American Film and Video: History, Institutions, Movements by Jun Okada

J.E. Smyth
Cinema and Counter-History by Marcia Landy

Raymond Watkins
The Parisian Avant-Garde in the Age of Cinema, 1900–1923 by Jennifer Wild

Lisa Wells Jacobson
The Use and Abuse of Cinema: German Legacies from the Weimar Era to the Present by Eric Rentschler

Manuel Betancourt
Mike Nichols: Sex, Language, and the Reinvention of Psychological Realism by Kyle Stevens

Charles Maland
The Many Lives of Cy Endfield: Film Noir, the Blacklist, and “Zulu” by Brian Neve


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    Exploitation, Victimhood, and Gendered Performance In Rituparno Ghosh’s Bariwali
    Rohit K. Dasgupta And Tanmayee Banerjee

    Can you please send me a pdf copy?


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    You can read this article for free now at
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