Fall 2016: Volume 70, Number 1

From the Editor
What Is at Stake: Gender, Race, Media, or How to Brexit Hollywood
B. Ruby Rich

Dossier: Chantal Akerman
The Unveiling, an Introduction
Ivone Margulies And B. Ruby Rich

Chantal Akerman Interview, Chicago: 1976/2016
B. Ruby Rich

A Neon Sign, A Soup Tureen: The Jeanne Dielman Universe
Laura Mulvey

Chantal Akerman, Between the Mother and the World
Mateus Araujo
Translated by Mark Cohen

Walking, Talking, Singing, Exploding . . . and Silence: Chantal Akerman’s Soundtracks
Barbara McBane

The Long Take, Mastery
Cyril Béghin
Translated by Mark Cohen

Identity Slips: The Autobiographical Register In The Work Of Chantal Akerman
Alisa Lebow

Elemental Akerman: Inside And Outside No Home Movie
Ivone Margulies

Two Rooms, Monologues, Imaginaries, As Seen Through Their Texts
Chantal Akerman
Translated By Mark Cohen
Edited, With Added Prefaces, By Ivone Margulies

Chantal Akerman, A Postmortem Bibliography: October 2015–September 2016
Regina Longo

A Thousand Suns: Traversing The Archive And Transforming Documentary In Mati Diop’s Mille Soleils
James S. Williams

Screenings: Letter From Mexico: Transgender Documentary
Paul Julian Smith

The Vulnerable Spectator: “I Know That Dog”: Witnessing Jacques Audiard’s Dheepan
Amelie Hastie

Festival Reports
Why “goEAST” When They Are All Coming West?
Aga Skrodzka

The Art of Film Blackness: A Conversation with Michael Boyce Gillespie on Film Blackness and the Idea of Black Film
Regina Longo

Book Reviews
Carrie Rickey
Stealing The Show: African American Performers And Audiences in 1930s Hollywood by Miriam J. Petty

Judith Mayne
Feminisms: Diversity, Difference and Multiplicity in Contemporary Film Cultures, Edited by Laura Mulvey and Anna Backman Rogers
Political Animals: The New Feminist Cinema by Sop
hie Mayer

Kirsten Moana Thompson
Color And Empathy: Essays on Two Aspects of Film by
Christine N. Brinckmann

Aaron Cutler
Be Sand, Not Oil: The Life And Work Of Amos Vogel, Edited by Paul Cronin

Gerd Gemünden
Latin American Cinema by Stephen M. Hart

Hillary Weston
David Lynch: The Man from Another Place by Dennis Lim

Axel Andersson
The Art Of Mechanical Reproduction: Technology and Aesthetics from Duchamp to the Digital by Tamara Trodd
Thinking Through Digital Media: Transnational Environments and Locative Places by Dale Hudson and Patricia R. Zimmermann


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