Fall 2018: Volume 72, Number 1

From the Editor

A Deer in the Headlights
B. Ruby Rich


The Handmaid’s Tale as Ustopian Allegory: “Stars and Stripes Forever, Baby”
Heather Hendershot

The Time is Now: Pressure, Guerrilla, and the (Re)Invention of Black British Cinema and History
James S. Williams

Decolonizing Documentary On-Screen and Off: Sensory Ethnography and the Aesthetics of Accountability
Faye Ginsburg


The Landscape of Futurelessness: An Interview with Brett Story
Scott MacDonald


The Vulnerable Spectator |”It was the Seventies”
Amelie Hastie

Screenings | Letter from Peru: Teen Telenovela, Popular Comedy, Auteur Cinema
Paul Julian Smith

Elsewhere | A Tale of Two Arabias
Bilal Qureshi

Festival Reports

Emotional Images, Immersive Realities: The Fortieth Cinéma du Réel
Clarence Tsui

Love: The Eleventh Annual Orphan Film Symposium
Liz Czach

In Memoriam

Master of Cinema Novo: Nelson Pereira Dos Santos, 1928-2018
João Luiz Vieira

Page Views

Cinema of the 1970s Palestinian Revolution: A Conversation with Nadia Yaqub
Nicholas Baer

Book Reviews

Nobody’s Girl Friday: The Women Who Ran Hollywood by J. E. Smyth
Carrie Rickey

Charles Burnett: A Cinema of Symbolic Knowledge by James Naremore
Aaron Cutler

Agnès Varda: Between Film, Photography, and Art by Rebecca J. DeRoo
Violet Lucca

Comic Venus: Women and Comedy in American Silent Film by Kristen Anderson Wagner
Specters of Slapstick and Silent Film Comediennes by Maggie Hennefeld
Joanna E. Rapf

Stanley Kubrick: New York Jewish Intellectual by Nathan Abrams
David Mikics