Fall 2021: Volume 75, Number 1

From the Editor

Stuttering Cinema, Stuttering Democracy, Stuttering Globalism
B. Ruby Rich


Prolegomenon: Anger, Aesthetics, and Affective Witness in Contemporary Feminist Cinema
Kathleen McHugh

Tearing, Stitching, Quilting: The Abolition Poetics of Garrett Bradley
Yasmina Price

Special Focus: Rethinking Binge-Watching in the Age of COVID-19

Editor’s Introduction: Rethinking Binge-Watching
Neta Alexander

“Netflix and Heal”: The Shifting Meanings of Binge-Watching during the Covid-19 Crisis
Tanya Horeck

From Binge-Watching to Binge-Scrolling: TikTok and the Rhythms of #LockdownLife
Tina Kendall

The One with All the Netflix: Bingeing Friends at Work
Kartik Nair

From Spectatorship to “Survivorship” in Five Critical Propositions
Neta Alexander

Special Focus: Saluting the Pacific Film Archive at Fifty

B. Ruby Rich

The Black Film Ambassador: The Ecstatic World of Albert Johnson
Josslyn Luckett

Edith Kramer: A Focus on Cinema, in her Own Words
Kathy Geritz


raw Genre | Black Obliteration around the Corner: The Gentrification Film
Rebecca Wanzo

Elsewhere | Reclaiming Arab “Skin”: Kaouther Ben Hania’s Modernist Masterpiece
Bilal Qureshi

Cineando | The Present and Future Dystopias of Nuevo Orden and Medida Provisória
Manuel Betancourt

Page Views

Cinematic TV: A Conversation with Rashna Wadia Richards
Bruno Guaraná

Book Reviews

Mean…Moody…and Magnificent!: Jane Russell and the Marketing of a Hollywood Legend by Christina Rice
Carrie Rickey

Bombay Hustle: Making Movies in a Colonial City by Debashree Mukherjee and Dancing Women: Choreographing Corporeal Histories of Hindi Cinema by Usha Iyer
Sudhir Mahadevan

Cinema of Exploration: Essays on an Adventurous Film Practice, edited by James Leo Cahill and Luca Caminati
Mariana Johnson

Josephine Baker’s Cinematic Prism by Terri Simone Francis
Philana Payton

Videographic Cinema: An Archaeology of Electronic Images and Imaginaries by Jonathan Rozenkrantz
Frederick Wasser