Summer 2022: Volume 75, Number 4

From the Editor

Conscience and Controversy
B. Ruby Rich


Arts of Healing: Tsai Ming-Liang’s Days
Jean Ma

Women Auteurs, Western Promises
Patricia White

Phantasms of Dissent: Hong Kong’s New Documentary Vernacular
Tiffany Sia

Death by the Numbers: Factory Farms as Allegory in Cow and Gunda
Benjamin Schultz-Figueroa


On Platforms | Film and the Right to Privacy
Caetlin Benson-Allott

Cineando | Colombia Enchanted in Memoria and Encanto
Manuel Betancourt

raw Genre | Things You Can Tell by Looking: Passing, Social Issue Films, and the Beautiful
Rebecca Wanzo

Elsewhere | The Radio of Cinema: Jonas Poher Rasmussen’s Flee
Bilal Qureshi

Festival Report

Sundance 2022: Up Close at a Distance
B. Ruby Rich

Page Views

Queer African Cinemas: A Conversation with Lindsey B. Green-Simms
Bruno Guaraná

Book Reviews

Alluring Monsters: The Pontianak and Cinemas of Decolonization by Rosalind Galt
Iggy Cortez

Art Cinema and India’s Forgotten Futures: Film and History in the Postcolony by Rochona Majumdar
Trinankur Banerjee

Italian Neorealism: A Cultural History by Charles L. Leavitt IV
David Forgacs

Branding Brazil: Transforming Citizenship on Screen by Leslie L. Marsh 
Hoor Elshafei

Digital Black Feminism by Catherine Knight Steele
Briana Barner

Image Objects: An Archaeology of Computer Graphics by Jacob Gaboury
Kyle Stine

Media Hot and Cold by Nicole Starosielski
Samir Bhowmik