Fall 2022: Volume 76, Number 1

From the Editor

Shakespeare, Casablanca, and Screen Responsibility
B. Ruby Rich


A Night of Knowing Nothing: Cinema, Love, and Collective Struggle
Debashree Mukherjee

The Inclusions and Occlusions of Expanded Refugee Narratives: A Dialogue on Flee
Wazhmah Osman and Karen Redrobe

Shock Absorber: Wounded Memories and Curative Aesthetics in Mohamed Soueid’s The Insomnia of a Serial Dreamer
Yasmina Price

Twenty Queers of Madame Satã
Bruno Guaraná


The Effect of the Real: A Conversation with Karim Aïnouz
Alisa Lebow


TV on Demand | Julia Child in Three Acts
Laurie Ouellette

raw Genre | What if No One is There to Care? Dementia’s Narrative Demands
Rebecca Wanzo

Cineando | The Status of the Close-Up in the Age of the Selfie
Manuel Betancourt

Festival Reports

Thessaloniki: The Elusive Nature of (Post)reality
Anna Grgić and Antonis Lagarias

Cannes at Seventy-Five
B. Ruby Rich

Page Views

TV Snapshots: A Conversation with Lynn Spigel
Bruno Guaraná

Book Reviews

The Lure of the Image: Epistemic Fantasies of the Moving Camera by Daniel Morgan
Pardis Dabashi

Cinema Off Screen: Moviegoing in Socialist China by Chenshu Zhou
Amir Khan

Relaying Cinema in Midcentury Iran: Material Cultures in Transit by Kaveh Askari
Babak Tabarraee

The White Indians of Mexican Cinema: Racial Masquerade throughout the Golden Age by Mónica García Blizzard
Ana Almeyda-Cohen

Latino TV: A History by Mary Beltrán
Richard Mwakasege-Minaya

Television’s Spatial Capital: Location, Relocation, Dislocation by Myles McNutt
Dana Alston

Documentary’s Expanded Fields: New Media and the Twenty-First-Century Documentary by Jihoon Kim
Nora Stone

Diminished Faculties: A Political Phenomenology of Impairment by Jonathan Sterne
Slava Greenberg