Winter 2022: Volume 76, Number 2

From the Editor

Changing Times

B. Ruby Rich

Dossier: The New Disability Media

Edited by Faye Ginsburg, B. Ruby Rich, and Lawrence Carter-Long

An Introduction

Faye Ginsburg and B. Ruby Rich

Backdating the Crip Technoscience Manifesto: Stephen Dwoskin’s Digital Activism

Jenny Chamarette

Listening in Crip Time: Toward a Countertheory of Documentary Access

Pooja Rangan

The General Audience Talks Back: Code of the Freaks and the Evolution of Hollywood Shaming Documentaries

Slava Greenberg

Scores: Carolyn Lazard’s Crip Minimalism

Mara Mills and Neta Alexander

Vision Portraits: Rodney Evans and Rites of Passage into Blindness

Arseli Dokumaci

Disability Cinema’s Next Wave: Observational Agency Subverts the Ableist Gaze

Lawrence Carter-Long


Getting Real: An Interview with Documentarian Grace Lee

Brian Hu

Low Country Lamentations: A Conversation with Jon-Sesrie Goff

Michael Boyce Gillespie


raw Genre | Taylor Sheridan Is Sorry but his Characters Are Not: the Messiness of Categorizing Conservative Television

Rebecca Wanzo

Cineando | Huesera, Clara Sola, and Medusa: Feminist Fables in Contemporary Latin American Horror

Manuel Betancourt

TV on Demand | This is a True Story about a True Story: the New Real World

Laurie Ouellette

On Platforms | An Urgent Legacy: Television, Liveness, and the January 6 Hearings

Caetlin Benson-Allott

Festival Reports

Il Cinema Ritrovato 2022: History Repeats Itself

Carla Marcantonio

Telluride Film Festival

B. Ruby Rich

Page Views

At the Edges of Sleep: a Conversation with Jean Ma

Bruno Guaraná

Book Reviews

Vulgar Beauty: Acting Chinese in the Global Sensorium by Mila Zuo
Fengyun Zhang

Refugees and Migrants in Contemporary Film, Art, and Media edited by Deniz Bayrakdar and Robert Burgoyne
Hannah Hussamy

The New Female Antihero: The Disruptive Women of Twenty-First-Century US Television by Sarah Hagelin and Gillian Silverman
Jessica Casey

Selfie Aesthetics: Seeing Trans Feminist Futures in Self-Representational Art by Nicole Erin Morse
Francesca Romeo

Women’s Voices in Digital Media: The Sonic Screen from Film to Memes by Jennifer O’Meara
Milena Droumeva

Climatic Media: Transpacific Experiments in Atmospheric Control by Yuriko Furuhata
Laura Beltz Imaoka