PAGE VIEWS LIVE: A Conversation with Laura Mulvey and Oliver Fuke

An image showing the webinar participants, Oliver Fuke, Bruno Guarana, B. Ruby Rich and Laura Mulvey

Film Quarterly‘s original webinar series showcasing the best in recent film and media studies publications continued July 11. Page Views editor Bruno Guaraná (Boston University) spoke with Laura Mulvey and Oliver Fuke about the new edited volume The Films of Laura Mulvey and Peter Wollen: Scripts, Working Documents, Interpretation, ed. Oliver Fuke (Bloomsbury, 2023). The scripts and essays collected in this volume examine the close connection between Mulvey and Wollen’s influential work as theorists and their filmmaking practice. The event was moderated by FQ editor and volume contributor B. Ruby Rich.

Bruno Guaraná’s interview with Laura Mulvey appears in the Summer 2023 issue of Film Quarterly (Volume 76, Number 4). It is available online at together with a link to the introduction of The Films of Laura Mulvey and Peter Wollen, courtesy of Bloomsbury.