Fall 2023: Volume 77, Number 1

From the Editor

Revisiting the Decade: A World, and Cinema, in Upheaval
B. Ruby Rich


On Listening, Talking, and Silence: Reenactment as Feminist Praxis in Maria Schneider, 1983 and My Name is Andrea
Amy Herzog

A Profound Edge: Collectivism and the New Negress Film Society
Samantha N. Sheppard

Special Focus – Chilean Film & Media Fifty Years Later (1973/2023)

Edited by José Miguel Palacios and Elizabeth Ramírez-Soto

Beyond Memory: An Introduction
José Miguel Palacios

Bodies that Persist: The Seismic Legacy of Chilean Documentary Resistance
Elizabeth Ramirez-Soto

Wallmapu in Contemporary Chilean Cinema: Struggles Over Indigenous Land
Iván Pinto and Carolina Urrutia
Translated by Carl Fischer and Lucy Engle


He Insists! From Apprentice Editor to Elder Statesman of the Black Documentary Tradition: An Interview with Sam Pollard
Josslyn Luckett


TV on Demand | The Video Revolution, According to the Museum of Modern Art
Laurie Ouellette

raw Genre | The Other Replacement Theory: Labor and the AI Film
Rebecca Wanzo

Cineando | Looking for Laura & Meaning in Laura Citarella’s Trenque Lauquen
Manuel Betancourt

Festival Report

Cannes 2023
B. Ruby Rich

Page Views

Political Camerawork: A Conversation with D. Andy Rice
Bruno Guaraná

Book Reviews

Italian Political Cinema: Figures of the Long ’68 by Mauro Resmini
Juan Camilo Velásquez

Perplexing Plots: Popular Storytelling and the Poetics of Murder by David Bordwell
Douglas Long

Chinese Film: Realism and Convention from the Silent Era to the Digital Age by Jason McGrath
Jing Wang

A Decolonizing Ear: Documentary Film Disrupts the Archive by Olivia Landry
Ann Lyuwenyu Zhang

Caribes 2.0: New Media, Globalization, and the Afterlives of Disaster by Jossianna Arroyo
Daniela Crespo-Miró

Sovereign Intimacy: Private Media and the Traces of Colonial Violence by Laliv Malamed
Robert Filippelo