FQ welcomes both established scholars and fresh voices that bring new perspectives to bear on discourses of visual representation rooted in issues of diversity, race, lived experience, gender, sexuality, and transnationalism. Its mission is to bring timely critical and intersectional approaches to criticism and analyses of visual culture. Please be sure to read recent issues before submitting anything so that you understand current interests as well as house style.

Prospective authors are strongly encouraged to read our submission guidelines before submitting a proposal or work for our consideration via FQ’s online submission page.


FQ accepts pitches for book reviews, provided that 1) the book you wish to review is published by an established academic press; 2) the book has been published within the last nine months; 3) there is an affinity between your area of expertise and the book’s subject matter; and 4) you have no personal connection to the book’s author.  We do not accept pitches from authors wishing to find reviewers for their work.  Queries should be directed to our books editor, Nilo Couret, at


Quorum, Film Quarterly’s public-facing online column, features short opinion pieces (1000-1500 words) informed by scholarship that intend to spark conversations on issues and debates in film, media, and screen culture.

Quorum pieces should be accessible, lucid, and concise. The primary purpose of the column is to stimulate thought and discussion by circulating online—well beyond an academic readership—thus opening Film Quarterly up to a broader public.

Quorum pieces are topical and speak meaningfully to urgent issues of the moment.

Please note that Quorum is NOT a venue for film and media reviews, nor for traditional essays, whether journalistic or academic.


Please review the Quorum Style and Submission Guide thoroughly before submitting.

All Quorum pieces should be submitted via FQ’s online submission page.  Please include “QUORUM” in the heading of your submission.

Authors will be notified of their article’s acceptance by FQ’s editorial team via e-mail, and receive a modest payment of $50USD once the post is published.