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The Wire for Tourists?

Who watches The Wire? It’s a truism that HBO’s sprawling five-season narrative of systemic dysfunction in Baltimore attracted fewer viewers—not to mention awards—than it deserved. That those whom it did attract often tended towards the evangelical did not always work in the show’s favor…


Writers have been ingenious and creative in generating online content. Uploaded on 13 November, “Not The Daily Show, With Some Writer” featured a report of the type normally delivered on the show by Jon Stewart, but in this case recorded by a writer at a desk in front of the New York picket lines.

The Online Stump

“Democratic government is the original user-generated content”—a simple, pithy message spoken directly into the camera with clarity and conviction. James Kotecki knows what makes good YouTube; indeed, he has a claim to being the site’s single most astute user when it comes to political communication through online moving-image content.