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Fall 2022: Volume 76, Number 1

Interview: Karim Aïnouz
Madame Satã at Twenty
A Night of Knowing Nothing
Refugee Narratives—Before Flee
Insomnia of a Serial Dreamer
Page Views: Lynn Spigel
Thessaloniki Documentary Festival
Cannes Film Festival at Seventy-Five
Columns: Dementia, Close-Ups, Julia Child

Summer 2022: Volume 75, Number 4

Hong Kong’s New Documentary Vernacular
Bodily Drama in Tsai Ming-Liang’s Days
Women Auteurs, Western Promises
Factory Farms in Cow and Gunda
Passing, Social Issue Films, and the Beautiful
Colombia Enchanted in Memoria and Encanto
Sundance Film Festival
Page Views: Queer African Cinemas

Spring 2022: Volume 75, Number 3

Sky Hopinka’s Visual Sovereignty
Bad Trans Objects, Redeemed
Interview: Wayne Wang
The Politics of Parallel Mothers
Interview: Pascale Ferran
Hollywood’s Movie Theatre Empire
Latin American Non-Fiction
A Critical Representation Theory
Ingmar Bergman as Genre Remake

Winter 2021: Volume 75, Number 2

Dossier: the Resilient Spring of Arab Cinema, Ten Years After
The Underground Railroad Roundtable and Barry Jenkins Interviewed
Irony in the Trump Era
Festivals: Black Star, Telluride
Latin American Animation, White Lotus, Scrolling Ennui, Union Organizing on TV

Spring 2021: Volume 74, Number 3

The New Butch Middlebrow
Streaming Streets: Hong Kong’s Digital Media
Helena Ignez, Brazil’s Unknown Superstar
Mediterranean Border Crossings
Interview with Michelle Porte
Churails: Revenge and Censorship
Queer Revolutionary Docs, From Puto to Bixa
Lucia Nagib’s Realist Cinema

Winter 2020: Volume 74, Number 2

Dossier on the New Brazilian Cinema: Aesthetics and Emergencies from Lula to Dilma to Bolsonarismo
Dawn Hudson’s Documentaries and Civil Rights History
Michaela Coel’s I May Destroy You
Latin American’s Women’s Pictures
Page Views: the Ethics of Appropriation

Zoom Out: The Melancholic Screens of 2020

Over the first months of the pandemic, the internet filled with streaming playlists, Zoom masterpieces, and classic revivals. The litany of canceled or virtual film festivals had become the new normal, with everything from SXSW to Cannes to Telluride called off or moved entirely online, and then evolving into hybrids or customized drive-ins.