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headshots of Lindsey Green-Simms, Bruno Guarana, and B. Ruby Rich

PAGE VIEWS LIVE: A Conversation with Lindsey Green-Simms

Film Quarterly’s original webinar series showcasing the best in recent film and media studies publications continued on July 6th with a conversation between Page Views editor Bruno Guaraná (Boston University) and Lindsey Green-Simms (American University) about her new book, Queer African Cinemas (Duke University Press, 2022). Moderated by FQ editor-in-chief B. Ruby Rich.

Queer African Cinemas: A Conversation with Lindsey B. Green-Simms

The first romantic sequence in Rafiki, by the Kenyan director Wanuri Kahiu, opens with a close-up of a pair of sneaker-clad feet on a skateboard, its wheels thumping along the asphalt. The feet belong to the teenage Makena, who arrives at her friend Ziki’s apartment building to take her out around town for the day. After Ziki’s mother answers the door, an elliptical cut thrusts the viewer into a montage sequence in which the two teenage girls sit close together on a tuk-tuk ride around the streets of Nairobi.