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Spring 2023: Volume 76, Number 3

Madubuko Diakité’s Radical Documentary

Power Dynamics in TV Tech Dramas

Dossier: The “Black Infinite” in
Dumbo, St. Louis Blues, Atlantique(s),
Exterminate All The Brutes, and T

Columns: Viola’s Body, Female Empowerment in Physical, and Telling Latin America’s Histories

Page Views: Uncomfortable Television

Fall 2022: Volume 76, Number 1

Interview: Karim Aïnouz
Madame Satã at Twenty
A Night of Knowing Nothing
Refugee Narratives—Before Flee
Insomnia of a Serial Dreamer
Page Views: Lynn Spigel
Thessaloniki Documentary Festival
Cannes Film Festival at Seventy-Five
Columns: Dementia, Close-Ups, Julia Child

Summer 2022: Volume 75, Number 4

Hong Kong’s New Documentary Vernacular
Bodily Drama in Tsai Ming-Liang’s Days
Women Auteurs, Western Promises
Factory Farms in Cow and Gunda
Passing, Social Issue Films, and the Beautiful
Colombia Enchanted in Memoria and Encanto
Sundance Film Festival
Page Views: Queer African Cinemas

Spring 2022: Volume 75, Number 3

Sky Hopinka’s Visual Sovereignty
Bad Trans Objects, Redeemed
Interview: Wayne Wang
The Politics of Parallel Mothers
Interview: Pascale Ferran
Hollywood’s Movie Theatre Empire
Latin American Non-Fiction
A Critical Representation Theory
Ingmar Bergman as Genre Remake

Winter 2021: Volume 75, Number 2

Dossier: the Resilient Spring of Arab Cinema, Ten Years After
The Underground Railroad Roundtable and Barry Jenkins Interviewed
Irony in the Trump Era
Festivals: Black Star, Telluride
Latin American Animation, White Lotus, Scrolling Ennui, Union Organizing on TV

Spring 2021: Volume 74, Number 3

The New Butch Middlebrow
Streaming Streets: Hong Kong’s Digital Media
Helena Ignez, Brazil’s Unknown Superstar
Mediterranean Border Crossings
Interview with Michelle Porte
Churails: Revenge and Censorship
Queer Revolutionary Docs, From Puto to Bixa
Lucia Nagib’s Realist Cinema

Winter 2020: Volume 74, Number 2

Dossier on the New Brazilian Cinema: Aesthetics and Emergencies from Lula to Dilma to Bolsonarismo
Dawn Hudson’s Documentaries and Civil Rights History
Michaela Coel’s I May Destroy You
Latin American’s Women’s Pictures
Page Views: the Ethics of Appropriation